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Reference Books

Useful books include

Traceable Temperatures - An Introduction to Temperature Measurement and Calibration

J.V. Nicholas and D.R. White, John Wiley + Sons, 2nd Edition


Uncertainty in Measurement
Temperature Scale
Heat Transfer and the Use of Thermometers
Platinum Resistance Thermometry
Liquid-in-Glass Thermometry
Thermocouple Thermometry
Radiation Thermometry

The new edition features:
  • How to make measurements fit for purpose; the importance of traceability, uncertainty and measurement standards.
  • The latest advances in industrial and laboratory thermometry, with a unique emphasis on practical advice on how to recognise and treat errors.
  • An updated chapter on calibration, reflecting the changes brought about by the release of the ISO 17025 standard for laboratory accreditation.
  • A systematic treatment of uncertainty in measurement consistent with ISO guidelines, including numerous thermometry examples and exercises.

Temperature Measurement Second Edition

Ludwig Michalski Published: 30/09/01, John Wiley + Sons.


Temperature scales and classification of thermometers
Non-electric thermometers
Thermoelectric thermometers
Resistance thermometers
Semiconductor thermometers
Fibre optic thermometers
Different thermometers
Classification of pyrometers, radiation, definitions and laws
Hand operated pyrometers
Automatic pyrometers
Pyrometric measurements in real operating conditions, summary of applications of pyrometers
Conditioning of output signals of temperature sensors
Computerised temperature measuring systems
Imaging of temperature fields of solids
Dynamic temperature measurement
Measurement of temperature of solid bodies by contact method
Temperature measurement of gas and liquid
Temperature measurement of transparent solid bodies
Temperature measurement of moving bodies
Temperature measurement in industrial appliances
Temperature measurement in medicine
Calibration and testing of thermometers
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