A suggested reading list might include

Isotech / NTPL
A review of some of the best articles written about water and its triple point J. Tavener
Bureau International Des Poids Et Mesures
Supplementary information of the International Temperature Scale of 1990  
Bureau International Des Poids Et Mesures
Techniques for Approximating the International Temperature Scale of 1990  
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST Technical Note 1265
Guidelines for Realizing the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90)
B.W. Mangum and G.T. Furukawa

Metrologia 1967, 3, 78-86

The Evolution of the International Practical Temperature Scale

J.A. Hall and C. R. Barber
Metrologia 1980, 16, 127-132 Limitations on Metal Fixed Points Caused by Trace Impurities J.J. Connolly and J.V. McAllan
Metrologia 1993, 30, 49-52 On the Definition of Freezing Points in the ITS-90 Yu. I. Alexandrov, A.G. Ivanova and A. I. Pokhodun
Metrologia 1994, 31, 109-115 ITS-90 Realization in 14 National Standards Laboratories: Results of a CCT Inquiry L. Crovini and P.M. Steur
Metrologia 1995/96, 32, 295-300 Concerning the consistency of fixed points of the temperature scale J. Ancsin
Metrologia 1996, 33, 133-154 Recommended values of temperature on the International Temperature Scale of 1990 for a selected set of secondary reference points. R. E. Bedford, G. Bonnier, H. Maas and F. Pavese Working Group 2 of the CCT
  On the Thermodynamic Accuracy of the ITS-90 Platinum Resistance Thermometry Below 273 K J. V. Nicholas New Zealand Institute for Industrial Research and Development
Metrologia 1996, 33, 573-576 Reply to Nicholas regarding the thermodynamic accuracy of the ITS-90 K.D. Hill and A. G. Steele
Metrologia 1997, 34, 61-65 Primary Methods of measurement and primary standards T. J. Quinn
ASTM American Society for testing and Materials E 1502-92 Standard Guide for Use of Freezing Point Cells for Reference Temperatures  
Isotech Journal of Thermometry Temperature Measurement Henry E. Sostmann, P.E.
Presented at the 1990 NCSL Symposium and Workshop. Washington D.C. Intrinsic (?) Reference Standards R. P. Reed, Ph.D.,P.E. Sandia National Laboratories
Presented at IMEKO XIII World Congress, Turin.

Sept 1994

Calibration of SPRTs at the ITS-90 Freezing Points: New Developments P. Marcarino, R. Dematteis and A. Tiziani Istituto di Metrologia "G. Colonnetti" Italy
PTB-Mitteilungen 107 6/97 Traceability, and the Qualification of ITS-90 Fixed Points

John Tavener
Presented at the Tenth European Conference on Thermophysical Properties, Rome 1985

A sealed cell for the copper point

Luigi Crovini, Antonio Actis, Roberto Galleano
NBS Special Publication 260-101 SRM 1970: Succinonitrile Triple-Point Standard. A temperature Reference Standard Near 58.08°C  

NPL National Physical Laboratory Report QU70 Feb 1985

Temperature Fixed Points I
Possible devices in the range of 0 to 125°C
M.F. Vaughan
NPL National Physical Laboratory Report QU71 Feb 1985 Temperature Fixed Points II
Benzoic Acid Triple Point Cells
M.F. Vaughan and Miss J Butler

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